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Please be aware that there are many imitations of our
MesoPen and My-M microneedle devices.

All our microneedle devices and needle cartridges are made in Korea
under strict manufacturing guidelines that ensure product safety and maximum needle sterility.

US Patent #8920379, EU Patent #2420265, China Patent #102395394     



MesoPen® and its needle cartridges are manufactured in Korea. All needle cartridges are individually packaged and sealed. We have the only worldwide patent that features a silicone sleeve at the back of the needle cartridge which prevents cross-contamination of the pen. This unique patented needle cartridge design ensures utmost safety and sterility for both the user and client.

MesoPen® has undergone extensive lab testing. All safety and product specifications have been proven and verified.

If you have questions regarding the integrity and safety of our products, please let us know.
We fully stand behind the quality of all our products.



Read about the scientific on the beneficial effects of motorized microneedle device technology.

Enhancing DNA delivery into the skin with a motorized microneedle device
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 52, Issue null, Pages 215-222
Guang Yan, Naresh Arelly, Nashid Farhan, Shabbir Lobo, Henan Li

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